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Robotic Press Brake

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During the 2019-nCoV, many businesses were unable to start because so many workers were unable to return to their factories on time. Therefore, the customer ordered press brake machines with industrial robotic. Automated press brake not only replaces the unstable production of traditional enterprises but also has many advantages: improve production capacity, improve product stability, improve product quality, reduce production time, reduce labor costs, reduce management difficulty. More and more enterprises are aware of the rising labor cost and have carried out the replacement and upgrading, and a large number of sheet metal processing factory plants to buy robot equipment.

The robotic press brake is the press brake machine as the center, the robot is equipped with a vacuum sucker, magnetic separation feeding frame, positioning platform, feeding platform, flip frame to form a bending unit. This industrial robotic is provided by Nanjing Estun Automation Company which is a partner of ZYMT. Most of our robotic press brake machine parts are supplied by Estun.

robotic press brake

Estun - partner of ZYMT robotic press brake

Nanjing Estun Automation Company, incorporated in 1993, is a company that seized the development opportunity lying in the reform and opening-up policy and has made arduous efforts along with its entrepreneurial team for over 20 years. The Company has not only become one of the leading domestic enterprises in manufacturing core controlling parts for high-end intelligent equipment but also has entered into the industrial robot industry for its strengths in core part manufacturing. Estun is transforming itself into a major enterprise engaged in the domestic robot industry equipped with autonomous technology and capacity in core part manufacturing.

At present, two business models have been formed:

1) The module of core functional parts for intelligent equipment, which includes a numerical control system, electro-hydraulic servo system, AC servo system, and motion control solution;

2) The module of the industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing system, which includes a robot body, standardized workstation of the robot, and an intelligent manufacturing system.  

With more than 20 years' experience in the automation and sheet metal industry, ESTUN is an expert on sheet metal processing and bending technology and has abundant R&D experience in the bending CNC system. ESTUN ER80 and ER130 series of robots, with several patents, is the first 6-axis bending robot in the world ever. ESTUN has also developed outstanding robotic bending software Smart Robot Bending, which has provided the perfect solution for all critical points of robotic bending such as the synchronous bending following, long programming & teaching time, and soon. It has a user-friendly interface, is very easy to operate, and is being widely recognized by the market.

Question about robotic press brake

What should be paid attention to when using a robotic press brake?

Only skilled workers with an open mind willing to change and the willingness to use new technologies can guarantee the success of an automation unit. The automated press brake's software is quite mature.

automated press brake

What are the best production tasks for robots?

First, the heavy and repetitive task, which takes up a lot of the operator's time, and causes tedious pain.

Secondly, not only a large number of tasks are suitable for robot bending, but also the small number of tasks that are generated periodically and repeatedly.

Thirdly, it is appropriate for two people to carry the extra-large parts or tasks that may cause personal injury to the operators, as long as the tasks do not exceed the working radius of the robot and are also within the load range of the bending machine.

How much time does it take to program?

The bending software program tracking function detects the bending feed distance through the encoder, and the robot automatically runs to the matching position with the feed until the bending is completed. Therefore, employees who do not know how to program can easily complete the debugging in a short time.

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