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hydraulic shearing machine

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  • Why does the shearing machine crack?

    Start the hydraulic shearing machine for a few cycles of idling to ensure that under normal conditions, test cuts of different thicknesses, from thin to thick. Make sure that the user is familiar with the shear performance. Different blade gaps must be adjusted for different plate thicknesses during trial cutting. If the corresponding blade gap is not adjusted, the blade durability will be affected.

  • Working process of hydraulic swing beam shearing machine

    When the new machine is used for the first time for 15-20 days, it must be replaced with new oil. Generally, it is updated once a year. Always check whether the grounding of the motor is good, whether the wire insulation is good, and a protective conduit must be added outside the wire. In order to ensure the normal operation of the motor and prevent accidental failure, the motor should be regularly maintained according to the frequency of use of the plate bending machine and the lubricant should be replaced. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the hydraulic shears. Pay attention to the safe use rules and strictly observe the instructions to ensure correct use.

  • Introduction of modular design concept and cutting speed of hydraulic shears

    In hydraulic shearing machine , if there is a hydraulic system, the amount of oil in the system should be stable, not too much or too little. Servo control can be used to control the positioning of the back gauge to improve the efficiency of the shearing machine. Shears can improve certain systems

  • What should we do if the hydraulic shearing machine is broken?

    The hydraulic shearing machineing machine is driven by hydraulic pressure, the upper blade moves, the lower blade is fixed, and various metal plates are sheared through the blade gap. What should we do when the hydraulic shearing machine is broken? Check whether the circuit of the hydraulic shearing

  • How to judge the quality of hydraulic shearing machine?

    In the hydraulic shearing machine, if the nominal pressure label is 12500KN, then, what does it say? In addition, how to judge the quality of the hydraulic pendulum shear? If the standard of the nominal pressure of the hydraulic shear is 12500KN, it means that the pressure of the shear is 125 tons.

  • Do all hydraulic shearing machine need nitrogen?

    No. Nitrogen is not necessary for the operation of hydraulic shearing machine. The hydraulic shearing machine is a machine that uses a moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade to apply a reasonable blade gap to apply a shearing force to metal plates of various thicknesses to break and separate the

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