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  • A Guide To Choose Laser Metal Cutting Machine

    The type of laser suitable for laser cutting applications largely depends on the material being cut. However, when selecting and setting up a metal laser cutters for a specific application, other factors should be considered, such as machine configuration, laser power, wavelength, time mode, space mode, and focus size.

  • How do you clean a fiber laser metal cutting machine?

    For equipment that requires very high cutting accuracy like metal laser cutting machines, every small factor may lead to undesirable results. In the long-term daily use, we not only need to maintain the metal laser cutting machine but also do a good job of dust removal. So how can we remove dust quickly and efficiently? You must master these dust removal methods!

  • Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine Bright Surface Cutting

    High-power high-speed bright surface cutting technology, in the case of sufficient power, use small nozzles, low air pressure, and high-power lasers to cut carbon steel plates of different thicknesses at high speed. Obtain smooth cutting section and smaller processing taper. The smooth cut surface facilitates subsequent processing by customers; at the same time, the taper can be basically controlled below 0.2mm on both sides, which can better meet customer requirements in certain high-precision processing industries.

  • Three focal relationships of laser cutting machine

    Three focal relationships of laser cutting machine Cutting focus is on the workpiece Cutting focus is inside the workpiece Cutting focus is on the surface of the workpiece

  • How to judge whether the operation of fiber laser cutting machine is simple?

    How to judge whether the operation of fiber laser cutting machine is simple? We can judge from the following aspects.Smooth cutting, no streaks, no brittle fracture...

  • The structure of the shearing machine

    Manufacturers of hydraulic shears require a large number of spare parts in the manufacture of shears. These accessories include circuit accessories, hydraulic accessories and other machine accessories.

  • How does the laser cutting machine handle the powder produced during the cutting process?

    Laser cutting machines usually use dry processing or wet processing to remove dust from the dust generated during the processing.

  • Why does the shearing machine crack?

    Start the hydraulic shearing machine for a few cycles of idling to ensure that under normal conditions, test cuts of different thicknesses, from thin to thick. Make sure that the user is familiar with the shear performance. Different blade gaps must be adjusted for different plate thicknesses during trial cutting. If the corresponding blade gap is not adjusted, the blade durability will be affected.

  • How to adjust the focus of laser cutting machine?

    We all know that the laser cutting machine has many advantages such as high cutting accuracy and smooth cutting surface. These advantages are actually closely related to the focus control of the laser cutting machine. According to the different materials and requirements we process, the cutting focu

  • Working process of hydraulic swing beam shearing machine

    When the new machine is used for the first time for 15-20 days, it must be replaced with new oil. Generally, it is updated once a year. Always check whether the grounding of the motor is good, whether the wire insulation is good, and a protective conduit must be added outside the wire. In order to ensure the normal operation of the motor and prevent accidental failure, the motor should be regularly maintained according to the frequency of use of the plate bending machine and the lubricant should be replaced. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the hydraulic shears. Pay attention to the safe use rules and strictly observe the instructions to ensure correct use.

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