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All hydraulic shearing machine uses the same technique in cutting where there are a fixed upper blade, a lower blade, and an adjustable clearance separating the two. When a force is applied on the upper blade it forces the lower blade to cut and separate the metal into two. With shear machining, the tool’s cutting edge removes the metal from the plate. While this happens, maximum pressure is applied. The tool, however, only touches the metal one time.

Hydraulic shearing machine has been used in industrial applications for many years. These hydraulic shear for sale can cut and shear many different types of steel of various sizes with ease and accuracy. There are different types of these machines that are used around the world. These types include the swing beam shearing machine, the guillotine shearing machine, the roller shearing machine, and so on. In the hydraulic shearing machine, the shear action is controlled by hydraulic rams. Sheet metal shearing machines are basically used for shearing applications and sheet cutting applications.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

  • Three-point support rolling guide (Lower eccentric shaft, front support shaft, upper eccentric shaft)
  • Do linear vertical motion
  • Hydraulic oil cylinder do linear vertical motion
  • 100% hydraulic pressure acting on cutting edge
  • Adjustable cutting angle, different cutting angles are applied for cutting plates with different thicknesses
  • Suitable for cutting thicker plate with better cutting quality

NC guillotine shearing machine provides high strength, productivity, sensitivity, and safety while lowering your production cost and improving your bottom line. This hydraulic shearing machine is the second generation hydraulic guillotine plate shears. Use advanced hydraulic integrated valve block. The structure is compact, the pipe connection is reduced, and the reliability and maintainability of the system are improved.

  • Unipivot support, lever principle
  • Do arc-shaped curvilinear motion around the rear fulcrum
  • Hydraulic oil cylinder fixed in an oblique direction
  • 75% acting force, 25% loss
  • Fixed cutting angle and blade carrier angle
  • The economical solution to cut sheet metal

The hydraulic swing beam shearing machine combines performance and simplicity. The robust steel welded machine frame ensures high reliability and excellent cutting quality. The hydraulic shears for sale are engineered to have the most optimized cutting angle which provides the least distortion when cutting the widest variety of materials. The low cutting angle on this type of shears allows limiting sheet metal twist and bow.

ZYMT, as the top 10 hydraulic shearing machine manufacturers in China, has a wide variety of hydraulic shear machine models on the market that accommodate a large range of metal plate sizes. Hydraulic shears for sale are recommended for high-intensity metal manufacture because they are quick, quiet, and capable of operating continuously. They work well for factories that do a lot of metal fabrication. In addition, hydraulic shears are best if the operation requires intense pressure. They don’t require a lot of maintenance, will operate continuously, and are fast and quiet. The machines are equipped with several sets of sharp blades that cut the metal into specified shapes and sizes. These sheet metal shearing machines can serve a range of sizes of metal plates, depending upon the manufacturer and model. 

The term shearing means to apply a high-pressure tool on a metal bar once to remove a part of the metal. A sheet metal shearing machine is industrial equipment with rotary disks and blades used to cut hard iron sheets and metal bars. Shearing machine is a sheet metal forming machine that used to cut sheet metal. When it comes to shearing metal, ZYMT, the top 10 hydraulic shearing machine manufacturers, offers a selection of high quality, high production metal shearing machines for sale that are a cut above the competition. Our Hydraulic Shearing Machine incorporates the latest technologies with high performance, simple operating devices and is designed to function smoothly for a long time.

The Main Parts of Hydraulic Shearing Machine to Consider before You Buy

Once you decide to buy new shearing equipment, you want to make sure you get the machine that fits your needs. Every piece and part play into production success. While these components may vary to some degree on each machine, they are great parts in sheet metal shearing machine. Here are features to consider when shopping for hydraulic shear for sale:


● Main Frame

Make sure your mainframe is strong and durable. The mainframe of your hydraulic shearing machine is the “backbone” of its operation. This frame is what supports the entirety of the machine like the drive system, bed, and other components. If the frame is bent, broken, or even weakened due to engineering or usage, it’s something you want to be aware of. Some sheet metal shearing machines have “lightweight” frames that can crack, fracture, or break sooner than their heavy-duty counterparts. Check to see if the shear you’re wanting to buy has a lightweight or heavy-duty frame. Make sure the mainframe you choose fits your needs.


● Bed

The bed of hydraulic shear for sale is where the operator will work and feed the material into the blades. The bed is the support for both the shearing blade and the material. The bed supports the blade and the material as it gets fed into the machine. It’s important that your bed is heavy and stable so that it can support the blade, material, and operation requirements.


● Squaring Arm

As the name suggests, the squaring arm is used to squares up the material - cut material at 90 degrees. A squaring arm needs to be secure and accurate. Take a look at the engineering and manufacturing of the arm to get a better idea of whether or not it will work for you. Some arms offer measurement guides to make it easier for material management on the bed. Moreover, the squaring arm needs to equal to or longer than the length of the shearing blade, which will help you when you need some working room around the blade.


● Hold down 

The hold down is what holds the material in place for the shear to bend or cut it. The hydraulic shearing machine has single or multiple bar clamps to hold the material firmly in place. The hold down is typically near the shearing blade to prevent movement or tipping during the cut. Typically, the higher force of a cut paired with more hold-downs gives a cleaner, more accurate cut.


● Blades

The cutting blades are typically tool steel and hardened for wear resistance, as well as ground for sharpness. These blades are mounted on the upper moving ram and the lower fixed bed. Typically, they have gapped a few thousandths of an inch apart. What’s great is that the blades can be flipped — similar to tires being rotated — to combat wear, as well as resharpened or replaced. Moreover, you need to know the blade being the proper size and function for your type of operation. 


● Measurement System

Make sure your sheet metal shearing machine includes a measurement system or called “stops.” These assist operators in making consistent, quick, efficient cuts with accuracy so that they don’t have to manually measure each cut they make. Usually, these gages or stops are at the rear of the hydraulic shear machine to assist the operator and can be adjusted as needed.


● Shear Control 

The simple shear uses a hand wheel with manual operation in conjunction with a clutch-foot pedal. The more advanced equipment is programmable and offers your operator relief from manual control. Make sure your hydraulic shearing machine is which operation before you buy.

The Advantages of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

  • Hydraulic shearing machines are fast and accurate and make it easy to cut a lot of metal in factories.
  • The hydraulic system of plate shears adopts an advanced integrated hydraulic system, which can not only reduce pipeline installation but also guarantee the safety and reliability of operation.
  • Hydraulic shear for sale secure metal with cramps while cutting hence ensuring smooth cuts and even 90 degrees cut. There are a wide variety of sheet metal shearing machine in the market to cater for all sizes of metal.
  • Generally, the auxiliary blade holder equipped on the working table can adjust the shearing blade slightly and precisely. The shearing stroke can be adjusted which can raise the working efficiency and realize the function of partition shearing.
  • Hydraulic shear for sale don’t require a lot of maintenance as mechanical models and hence are cost-effective.
  • Hydraulic shearing machine are usually compact machines and hence take up less space even though they apply the same kind of pressure as mechanical shearing machines.

The Applications of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

The hydraulic sheet metal shearing machine is extensively used for cutting large sheets, bars, and plates of metallic and non-metallic materials into various shapes. Hydraulic shear for sale is widely used for direct cutting of various metal materials according to different needs. Shearing machines are used in automobile, printing, food processing, engineering, electronic, plastic, woodworking, electrical, construction, and numerous other industrial segments. Moreover, It is widely used in steel manufacturing, shipbuilding, container manufacturing, switch appliances, machinery manufacturing, and light industry.

The Caution of Hydraulic Shearing Machine Operation 

  • Check me the gap between the blade frequently and adjust the gap according to the thickness of different materials;
  • The blade must be kept sharp, and the cut surface is not allowed to have a scar, gas cut seam, and protruding burr.
  • When adjusting the machine, it must be stopped to avoid personal and machine accidents.
  • If found abnormal noise or oil tank overheating phenomenon during operation, should immediately stop the shearing machine to check, the highest temperature of oil tank cannot exceed 60 °C.
  • Do not cut strips to avoid damage to the machine. The cutting size of the most narrow sheet shall not be less than 40mm.
  • Note: the shearing thickness of the sheet metal shears refers to the material of the Q235 steel plate (shear strength 450 Mpa), the thickness of the plate tensile strength increases, the maximum cutting thickness decreases. For the hydraulic shearing machine with the maximum cutting thickness of 16 mm, the shearing thickness of the Q345 plate is 13 mm, while for 8 mm cutting capability of Q235 steel plate, for Q345 plate the thickness is 6 mm.

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