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Hydraulic CNC Press Brake with Automatic Follow up System

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Recently, a Korean customer ordered a superior press brake machine - hydraulic CNC press brake from our company. The machine is equipped with WILA hydraulic clamping system and automatic follow up system.

hydraulic CNC press brake

WILA employs 350 people and has its own R&D department, production facilities, and a worldwide sales network in the Netherlands, the United States and China. For over 85 years, WILA has been developing and manufacturing high-end press brake clamping systems and tools for hydraulic press brake manufacturers and users. The accuracy and durability of WILA's tooling and tool holders are unmatched. WILA's tooling inventory is designed to streamline your bending operations as efficiently as possible, resulting in the lowest cost of ownership. Make your CNC hydraulic press brake more profitable!

ZYMT - press brake clamping

Last year WILA come to visit ZYMT which is the top 5 hydraulic press brake manufacturers in China to discuss strategic cooperation. The two managing directors Mr. Hans Willemsen (WILA) and Mr. Qibao Xu (ZYMT) had a deep discussion for the strategic cooperation between two companies.   

press brake machine strategic cooperation

Sheet metal press brake is a widely used bending equipment. With the development of science and technology, the press brake machine has entered the era of numerical control and the requirement of bending precision is higher and higher. Powerful hydraulic press brake manufacturers and companies pay more and more attention to the development of a variety of characteristic features, efforts to improve the degree of automation of machine tools. Automatic follow up system is one of the more complex functional parts. Another highlight of the hydraulic CNC press brake machine is that its automatic follow up system. This automatic follow up system is independently developed by our engineers.

At present, most factories are manual materials. The ordinary small materials only need one person to operate a press brake machine, but when it comes to large sheet metal, they often need 4 ~ 6 people to operate the press brake machine. Besides, the instability of manual materials is easy to cause product quality problems, which is not conducive to production control. There are also press brake manufacturers with their own support frame but often cannot do its operation and plate material synchronization.

In the process of bending, there is often a period of time when the plate and the supporting frame cannot be closely fitted, resulting in the bending process of material plate vibration, poor stability, easy to damage. Secondly, when bending different sheet materials, in order to make the supporting material frame and sheet materials can be closely fitted, it is often necessary to make appropriate adjustments to the position of the supporting material. But now the supporting material is driven by an oil cylinder chain, and the adjustment distance cannot be judged, resulting in the reduction of the adjustment accuracy, and the entire adjustment structure is complex and has poor practicability.

The structure composition and working principle of the high-precision automatic follow up system developed by ZYMT which is professional hydraulic press brake manufacturers in China:

The high-precision automatic follow up system developed by ZYMT solves the problems of poor transmission effect and poor safety of the existing synchronous automatic follow up system of the press brake machine. Before this servo device, including the installation of the vertical setting plate, vertical in the fixed seat, and on one side of the mounting plate is fixed at the top of the tower and stick on the surface of the workpiece under the retainer plate, retainer plate fixed with one axis and the workpiece under the surface of the circular arc of the bending line guide rail, the circular guide rail is equipped with one axis and the edge of the workpiece bending line of arc rack, fixed is fixed on the motor and reducer, reducer output shaft equipped with rack with arc gear meshing, the fixed seat is also used to guide arc guide rail guiding role and make always stick to the central axis of the workpiece bending line movement navigation structure. The high precision follow - up preloading mechanism is driven by gear and arcuate rack with good transmission effect and high safety.

ZYMT automatically follow up system

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