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CNC press brake machine realizes bending function by controlling slider stroke and back gauge. When using CNC hydraulic press brake, you only need to input the number of the pieces required for bending as well as bending angle for each step, and the CNC press brake machine will finish bending according to the steps you just set in the controller. The advanced CNC press brake bending machine mainly adopts a hydro-electric servo system and a grating ruler to form closed-loop control. It features high control accuracy, as well as bending accuracy and repositioning accuracy. 


ZYMT is the top 10 CNC press brake manufacturers, providing high-quality CNC press brake machine. With a chassis of welded, stabilized machined steel, the external design featuring stripped-down lines for a solid appearance, and improved structural calculations, these new hydraulic press brakes set themselves up as the new cornerstone for the sheet metalwork industry. Fitted with high-specification CNC control, the operation of these complex machines is now easier and more intuitive than ever before. Its color, high-resolution touchscreen graphics interface, and powerful CPU enable the most complicated bending operations to be processed effortlessly and sophisticated algorithms to be calculated in mere microseconds, so you get the highest performance out of these pieces of engineering excellence.

CNC Press Brake Machine

  • 10.1" high-resolution color TFT
  • 3+1 axis control (Y1, Y2, X+V)
  • Up to 4 axis
  • "Hot-key" touch navigation
  • USB memory stick interfacing

The CNC Press Brake Machine with DA53T is a complete CNC solution for Y1-Y2 synchronized press brakes. The panel based control, capable of controlling up to 4 axes, can be integrated into cabinets as well as in an optional pendulant arm housing. The unique ‘hot-key’ navigation gives direct access to the programs in memory and enables quick and easy programming of a product.ZYMT press brake machines benefit your bottom line with higher quality parts, faster cycle times, lower operating and maintenance costs. 

Capabilities: 40T/2200 - 3000T/14000

ZYB CNC Press Brake Machine with DA53T
  • 15″ high-resolution color TFT
  • 3+1 axis control (Y1, Y2, X+V)
  • Support up to 4+1 axis
  • 2D graphical touch screen programming
  • USB peripheral interfacing

The CNC Press Brake Machine with DA58T graphical touch screen programming mode offers an even higher grade of efficiency in programming, operation, and control of your brake press machine. Ease of use combined with state-of-the-art technology goes hand in hand, improving productivity. The touch screen graphical CNC controller gives you access to the proven Delem user-interface and enables direct navigation between programming and production. 

Capabilities: 40T/2200 - 3000T/14000

ZYB CNC Press Brake Machine with DA58T
  • 17″ high-resolution color TFT
  • 8+1 axis control (Y1, Y2, X1, X2,Z1, Z2+V)
  • 3D visualization in simulation and production
  • Profile-TL offline software
  • Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)

The CNC Press Brake Machine with DA66T offers 2D programming that includes automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. Full 3D machine set-up with multiple tool stations. Highly effective control algorithms optimize the machine cycle and minimize set-up time. This makes operating our press brake bending machines even easier, more efficient and more versatile than ever.

Capabilities: 40T/2200 - 3000T/14000

CNC Press Brake Controller

A press brake is a machine pressing tool for bending sheet and plate material. Press brakes applying significant force via mechanical or hydraulic components that shape the sheet metal between a matching punch and die that close together. Numerous products are made by fabricating sheet metal parts with a series of bends. With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, more and more manufacturers choose to buy sheet metal equipment with an automatic intelligent CNC system. 


Computer numerical control means that the purchaser can edit the program according to the actual operational requirements before bending, and can make any modifications to the program. Computer numerical control systems are extremely convenient compared to digital control systems. CNC  (Computer Numerical Control) press brake machine is the improvement of NC (Numerical Control) press brake machine.

As the top 10 CNC press brake manufacturers,  ZYMT's CNC press brake for sale takes sheet metalworking to a new level, offering outstanding efficiency and precision.

The Main Parts of CNC Press Brake Machine

• machine frame

• ram (slider)

• workbench

• oil cylinder

• hydraulic proportional servo system

• position detection system

• CNC controller

• electrical control system

The Advantages of CNC Press Brake Machine

● High precision

CNC press brake machine using an electro-hydraulic servo system to control the two-cylinder synchronization. With the international standard grating ruler realize the full closed-loop control. It featured high precision synchronization, high bending accuracy, high repeat positioning accuracy.


● Increase productivity

Equipped with a hydraulic automatic clamp or fast clamp for the upper die, and socket lower die based on customer’s requirement to reduce the labor intensity and improve production efficiency. These machines can be simply operated via touch, feel, and sound of the operator. The operator can, therefore, handle many machines at a time. 


● Easy operation

The CNC press brake bending machine is very easy to operate and is a less labor-intensive machine. moreover, it has a highly powerful controlling system. A CNC hydraulic press brake is a computer numerically controlled machine where all the required parts can be easily programmed and swiftly manufactured by semi-skilled operators. Because the control can guide the operator through a stage-wise procedure. Actually the simple functions and programming steps of the machine can be learned and practically implemented in the workshop.


● Flexible Programming

The flexible programming of the CNC press brake for sale enables the operator to control the machine in simple English or any other suitable language. The various types of operations that can be performed are also available as options on the menu. Once the required operation is chosen, another list of questions appears on the screen regarding the cycle times, materials, pressures, and other elements related to the production process. And after the operator inputs the replies into the machine, the values are displayed on the screen for confirmation before starting the related task. 


● Cost Saving

The CNC press brake machine is basically a highly appealing and very sophisticated machine. Moreover, it includes top-grade components, minimizes wastage and has higher repeatability and traceability. This equipment also helps to save costs in terms of machine setup around 45 percent, material handling around 35 percent, and inspection around 35 percent.

The Applications of CNC Press Brake Machine

CNC hydraulic press brake is widely used in energy, transportation, automobile, machinery, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, military, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, power generation industries.

  • Railway 

Press brakes are used in this industry to manufacture a wide range of structures used in trains and other components. To achieve high-quality train cabins and other structures, a good press brake needs to be used. CNC press brake machines also utilized to achieve precision and accuracy when positioning and bending to specified angles. Hydraulic operated ones are fitted with computerized control modules to run the whole system.

  • Container

With the increasing need to pack products in enclosed spaces, there is a rise in special containers used to store electronics, perishable goods, and other materials. Most rail containers are rectangular shaped or cylindrical (for liquid materials). The manufacturing and repair of these containers require the use of a CNC press brake bending machine to fold and shape the metal plate before welding.

The Comparison of CNC and NC Press Brake Machine

  • The CNC press brake machine stands for computer numerical control, whereas the NC press brake stands for numerical control.
  • CNC press brake for sale can be run for 24 hours continuously but the NC hydraulic press brake cannot be run continuously for 24 hours.
  • In the CNC press brake bending machine, the execution of the job takes less time but the NC press brake executes the job with much time.
  • CNC hydraulic press brake can do complex programming including angle programming, a number of programs can be stored and can be used again and again for the production. However, NC press brake only can do simple program and storage capacity is limited. 
  • In the CNC press brake machine for sale, the debugging and modification is very easy. But, in the NC hydraulic press brake machine, if an error occurs in the program, then it's debugging and modification is not easy. 
  • A semiskilled operator also can work the CNC press brake bending machine, whereas a high skilled operator is required to operate the NC press brake machine.


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