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ZYB CNC Press Brake Machine with DA66T 8+1 Axis

Dual hydraulic cylinders located on each side of the ram to provide faster approach speeds in cnc press machine. The cylinders are synchronized to provide smooth motion to realize precise ram positins with accuracies of .00040”
  • DA66T

Standard Components


Main Features:

Overall welded and processed structure.

Closed loop control mode composed of electric-hydraulic servo valve and measure ruler.

Ensure the highest control precision, bending accuracy and repositioning accuracy are also reachto the highest level.

ZYMT Back gauge mechanism can be multi-axes controlled.

Integrated hydraulic system decreases the pipe connections, oil leakage, and increases the stability and overall beautifies.

Worktable equipped with hydraulic and mechanical compensation to avoid the deformed upper beam from affecting the quality of the work piece, it is automatically adjusted by the CNC controller with convenient and accuracy.

CNC press machine's controller normally uses Holland DELEM, Italy ESA, Swiss CYBELEC, all with multi-languages.



· Delem DA66T

· 8+1 axis control (Y1, Y2, X1, X2,Z1, Z2+V)

· Grating ruler (Spanish FAGOR)

· Germany BOSCH-REXROTH proportional valve

· Germany BOSCH-REXROTH oil pump

· SIEMENS main motor

· Ball screw & linear guide -Taiwan PMI

· Backgauge positioning system

· Double servo motor & servo drive

· Manual mechanical crowning (below 300T)

· Motorized crowning (above 300T)

· 180° adjustable front support arm with linear guide

· X,Y axis servo motor control

· Fast clamp

· Amada or Euro type tooling



· Wila Hydraulic Clamp (Top & Bottom)

· Main servo motor

· Front light curtain

· Rear light curtain

· Front laser protection

· Air cooling system



DA66T feature

2D graphical touch screen programming mode

3D visualization in simulation and production

17” high resolution color TFT

Full Windows application suite

Delem Modusys compatibility(module scalability and adaptivity)

USB, peripheral interfacing

User specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment

Sensor bending & correction interface

Profile-TL offline software

Other controllers can be choose: Delem DA52s, DA58T, DA66T controller and Esa S530, S630 controller. Cybelec CT8, CT12.

Main Motor and pump

Main Motor and pump

Double servo motor and pump is energy saving, lower noise, fast ram speed, better accuracy, less oil consumption

Backgauge System

Backgauge System

The positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the Boke multi-axis rear stopper are high, fast, stable and noiseless, with beautiful appearance and low energy consumption.

Electrical System

Electrical System

Schneider electrical components make the machine performing well even the electricity is not stable and customers can easily get the replacement anywhere in the world.

Punch & DieFast clamping

Punch & Die/Fast clamping

Standard double-V lower dies with different size and various shaped slots for choice,convenient for exchanging dies, capable for bending regular plates, with high cost-performance-ratio. More cnc press machines toolings can be selected as per your practical use.

The dies are made by 42CrMo steel, hardness after heat treatment up to 42 degrees, ensure the die service lifetime.

Fast clamp will help you replace the top punch conveniently and time-saving.


 Optional configuration


 CE options


Technical Parameters


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