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Why is the middle of the plate bent by the CNC Press Brake bending machine bent?

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In the bending process of the CNC press brake bending machine, based on the existing technology, the biggest problem is how to reduce the preparation time before the actual processing, especially when the product needs to be repeatedly processed.


For the first processing, in addition to confirming the drawings, it is also necessary to consider the processing mold and the bending sequence of the workpiece, program input, and the like. In the actual processing, these factors must be considered comprehensively, and there should be no wire omissions, and it takes a lot of time Long, if the same workpiece needs to be reprocessed next time, it cannot effectively call the previous processing programming information, and can only be reprogrammed, repeating the same work, also called "secondary repetitive operation", in this case, it is Great waste of time and labor, repeated consumption, resulting in a reduction in the efficiency of bending machine processing.


Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, and in order to better improve the processing efficiency of the CNC press brake, the processing information of the product can be produced and stored, and the combination of the three can be used to make a benign recycling to completely solve the above problem. problem. And through this mode, the processing program and data can be flexibly applied at any time, avoiding repetitive work and improving the actual processing mode. It can be said that there are many benefits.


If the intermediate curvature marked in the technical requirements is exceeded 2113, the technical term called straightness of the folded piece does not meet the requirements. The following methods have meaningful reference:


1. It may be caused by the unevenness of the upper knife and the lower knife. The angle of the mold is changed, so the angle is the same, and the straightness is not enough.


2. Without deflection compensation, the principle is similar to that of each pair of molds, and displacement occurs.


3. The method can be used to measure the upper slider and the lower table with a height of 1653 feet to see whether it is parallel, if the mold is already parallel, then find other reasons to find a solution.


If the angle is not consistent, the inclined block can be adjusted to reduce the error. If there is no problem with the upper and lower molds, the pressure of the CNC press brake is uneven or the upper knife holder is deformed. Putting a few thin pieces of paper on the bottom of the lower mold is slow You can adjust it slowly.

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