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Why choose hydraulic swing beam shearing machine?

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Features of hydraulic swing beam shears

Unipivot support, lever principle, arc-curved movement around the rear fulcrum, hydraulic cylinder with fixed tilt direction, hydraulic transmission, swing beam tool post, and the overall welding frame is firm and durable, stable and reliable.

The rolling support device can reduce the frictional resistance while ensuring that the surface of the workpiece is not scratched. It has the function of stepless adjustment of the stroke. The gap between the upper and lower blades is adjusted by the handle, and the blade gap is uniform, fast and easy to adjust.

The CNC numerical control system and the position encoder form a closed-loop control system with fast speed, high precision and good stability, which can accurately ensure the accuracy of the back gauge displacement dimension. At the same time, the numerical control system has a variety of additional functions such as precision compensation and automatic detection. Multi-step CNC backgauge, programmable cutting times, programmable cutting width, plan the entire sheet in advance, and cut the entire sheet with the automatic cutting function. The integrated system ensures the reliable operation of the machine and eliminates hidden troubles to the limit.

The blade gap adjustment is indicated by an indicator, which is easy and quick to adjust; it is equipped with a light alignment lighting device, and the stroke of the upper tool holder can be adjusted in an open step.

The work area adopts barrier-type personal safety protection device to ensure safe operation.

It is an all-steel welded structure, vibration eliminates stress, high strength, and good rigidity. Convenient operation, reliable performance and beautiful appearance.


75% force, 25% loss, economical solution for cutting sheet metal.


Hydraulic swing beam shears combine performance and simplicity. The sturdy steel welding frame ensures high reliability and excellent cutting quality. The hydraulic shears on sale are carefully designed to have the best cutting angle and provide minimal deformation when cutting various materials. The low cutting angle of this scissors can limit the distortion and bending of the sheet metal.

We provide you with QC12K NC Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine With E21S, here are more detailed technical parameters and other information. 

The performance requirements of shearing oil have the following points:  

Viscosity of hydraulic shearing oil: Moderate viscosity is better, if the viscosity is too large, it will increase the viscosity of the flow resistance in the pipeline. If the shearing machine is too small, or affecting the shear lubrication conditions, it will also cause the wear between the shearing hydraulic components.  

Good lubricity and wear resistance: A good shear hydraulic oil must have good lubricity and wear resistance. Shearing machine manufacturers make more coordination of lubrication and avoid friction and shear wear between hydraulic components.

Good shear stability: In order to increase the viscosity with the wild, the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic swing beam shears is added in the shearing of the polymethacrylate, this molecule is acted by the material of the hydraulic shears through the reaction , To increase the shearing capacity of the guillotine shear hydraulic oil.

Shearing machine hydraulic oil emulsion and anti-foam in two aspects. A mixture of an emulsion of water and oil to separate water. Anti-foaming bubbles in the fluid are mixed with the generated water.

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