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What should we do if the slider cannot return to the CNC Press Brake bending machine?

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The solution:


1. Debug some parameters of the Y-axis bending. The bending parameters of the CNC Press Brake bending machine should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Part of the gain is too small, the slider will not move or not be in place, if the slider is too large, the parameter will jitter, and the parameter should be adjusted to The slider does not shake during operation, and the gain is as large as possible.

 the offset of the left and right valves in the diagnostic program of the bending machine is not set well, the Y axis is too small to be in place, and the Y axis is too large to unload; if it is a hydraulic malfunction, Need to check the main pressure, check whether the PV valve S5 has been in the power-on position.



2. The parameter gain of the bending part of the Y-axis bending part may be set too small, and it can be increased appropriately; or the pressure is not enough, and the reason for the insufficient pressure is analyzed, whether it is the programming reason or the signal, hydraulic part reason; the programming reasons mainly include mold selection and plate thickness , Material, length of work piece, bending method, etc. The main hydraulic reasons are the oil pump leaks inside, the proportional pressure valve is polluted or damaged, the filter element is blocked, or the oil has been contaminated, etc.


3. The main reason is the programming and operation of the bending machine. Check the programmed program and the processed workpiece.


A bending machine equipped with a bending die and a plate cutter on a moving knife die holder is called a bending machine.two kinds of CNC Press Brake bending machine moulds with a bending die are installed on the moving knife die holder. When the bending machine is in used, it can be changed to the bending function by controlling the rotation of the advance die clamp to the corresponding position; when the mold of the plane bending machine CNC Press Brake bending machine is advanced to the corresponding position, it can be changed to the thin plate bending die. Bending function or thick plate bending die bending function. The operation of the bending machine is as convenient as a single CNC Press Brake bending machine mold or a single shearing machine. When it is used, it can be changed to the bending function of the thin plate bending die or the thick plate bending The manufacturing data of the flat bending machine for die bending function has increased greatly; the die change of the CNC Press Brake bending machine is fast and it is very convenient to use. In order to prevent debris from entering the CNC Press Brake, it will affect the normal production. In use, we also need to check the temperature of the oil in the tank to prevent the temperature from being too high and damaging the machine. When using a CNC Press Brake, if there is noise in the machine, stop using it immediately. After the power is cut off, the plane bending machine will conduct a thorough inspection of the bending machine. If it is a major fault, you must not deal with it by yourself. Contact the manufacturer of the bending machine and let the after-sales personnel sent by the manufacturer carry out a systematic inspection of the bending machine.

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