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What are the functions of fiber laser cutting machine?

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The high-quality fiber laser cutting machine in the field of laser cutting has very high application quality, especially in the field of thin plate processing. The role of this reputable fiber laser cutting machine cannot be underestimated, so it is deeply favored and recognized by people. So what are the functions of fiber laser cutting machine that make it widely recognized?

Automatic recognition function

The built-in automatic recognition system of a wide variety of thin plate laser cutting machines can automatically recognize various colored patterns and texts on metal thin plates, and then automatically find edges for cutting according to actual needs, and can achieve perfect quality according to the boundaries of the patterns. The cutting effect.

Intelligent typesetting function

The high-quality and reliable thin plate laser cutting machine can arrange the graphics of different sizes according to different rules and according to the corresponding order, so as to maximize the utilization rate of materials, and make full use of the system's automatic supply and cutting function. On the basis, it can save energy consumption and improve efficiency. In addition, the thin plate laser cutting machine can also re-typeset and use the leftover material of the graphics according to the super-plate system, so as to truly save material costs.


Fast copy board function

The thin plate laser cutting machine has built-in ccd recognition system software and this powerful software. Using these system software can automatically complete the contour recognition of a variety of metal objects, and then generate the corresponding files through the computer, so as to achieve the required graphics and objective lens The automatic typesetting and cutting functions make the whole typesetting and cutting process more convenient and quick, and it also saves the tedious process of the entire plate making link.

Generally speaking, the high-quality thin-plate laser cutting machine has many functions such as automatic recognition of intelligent layout and fast super version. With these powerful functions, the thin-plate laser cutting machine can cut into shape at one time, and then focus through it. The intelligent positioning of the system can realize the cutting of various materials and running plates, and can ensure the cutting speed and effect.

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