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The structure of the shearing machine

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Manufacturers of hydraulic shears require a large number of spare parts in the manufacture of shears. These accessories include circuit accessories, hydraulic accessories and other machine accessories.

The necessary components of the circuit

Main motor power button switch, main motor start button, main engine emergency stop button, hydraulic shears single/continue knob, fluorescent lamp on/off knob, electrical box wiring, time relay, transformer, total power control Switches, other control and protection switches, bridge rectifiers, front and rear limits of the back gauge, knife stroke control switch, main motor, rear gear motor, fluorescent lamp assembly, pedal switch, front electrical panel and button control box, electrical box.

Hydraulic shears are necessary accessories for other machinery: rear gear motor universal joint, rear rubber screw, rear gear polishing rod, blade gap adjustment sector gear, hydraulic shear blade, hydraulic cylinder and return cylinder ball head, tool rest operation Bearings, connecting parts of tool holder and frame, return cylinder, rear gear, synchronous connecting rod, bolts of various specifications, etc.

Necessary accessories for hydraulic shears

Hydraulic shears manufacturers need oil pump (same as plunger pump or gear pump), relief valve, electromagnetic reversing valve, longitudinal check valve, combination valve, ball valve, pressure gauge, pressure Meter switch, mesh oil filter, level gauge, hydraulic shear main (left) cylinder, hydraulic shear pair (right) cylinder, presser foot, oil valve plate, oil pipe fittings, various types of seals, etc. .

The CNC shearing machine is generally composed of a body, a transmission system, a knife holder, a presser, a front stopper, a rear stopper, a supporting device, a blade gap adjustment device, a light alignment device, a lubrication device, an electrical control device, etc. Component composition.


The fuselage is generally composed of left and right columns, workbenches, beams, etc. The fuselage is divided into two types: casting combination structure and integral welding structure.

The casting combination structure belongs to the old-fashioned structure. Most of the fuselage adopts castings, and the components are connected into a whole with studs and pins. The fuselage of this structure is heavier and less rigid, and the machining workload of the joint surface is large.

Compared with the casting structure, the integral welded structure has the advantages of lighter body weight, good rigidity and easy processing. At present, the number of fuselages with integral steel plate welding structure is increasing.


The performance characteristics of the shearing machine are hydraulic transmission and tilting tool rest. The entire machine frame is welded firmly and durable. The nitrogen cylinder is used for the return stroke, which is stable and fast. It has the function of stepless stroke adjustment. The gap between the upper and lower blades is adjusted by the handle. The blade gap is uniform, fast and easy to adjust. The CNC system and the position encoder form a closed-loop control system. Speed, fast, precision, high, good stability, can accurately ensure the accuracy of the displacement size of the rear stop, at the same time, the CNC system has a precision compensation function and a variety of additional automatic detection functions.

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