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The difference between fiber laser cutting machine and normal machine.

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Fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in all walks of life, for the processing and manufacturing industry to bring a lot of convenience. So what are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine over ordinary machine? Where does the advantage? Now let me give you a brief introduction.


The application of laser cutting machine in metal industry can make products, reduce processing procedures, is the efficiency of products have been significantly improved, delivery time has also been speeded up, a laser cutting machine can replace machining centers, special fixtures, punch, etc. , it also lowers the cost of labor. The invention reduces the waste products caused by human operation errors, and greatly improves the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.


But the traditional processing technology needs to make mould machine tool and so on, the processing procedure is fiddling , thus lengthened the production cycle, under the investment of mould high cost, the effect is probably not as good as fiber laser cutting machine. And in the post-modification above, if the traditional process of each modification will waste a lot of time, and fiber laser cutting machine is more flexible, according to customer requirements to constantly modify the product design.


Fiber laser cutting machine is easy to produce new produces,production cycle is short, after eliminating the open die and other processes, new samples trial production will be more convenient, and only need to make different graphics on the large plate, then let the fiber laser cutting machine along the processing line constantly running on it.


Compared with traditional plate cutting, fiber laser cutting machine will produce higher quality cuts, cutting speed is greatly improved, Its can be cut into any shape and wide range of materials.


Fiber laser cutting machine processing does not need any other consumption, and its photoelectric conversion rate can reach 30% , more energy-saving electricity. Besides of, the characteristics of the fiber laser cutting machine are miniaturization, intensification, high brightness and high conversion rate. The cutting speed of the same power fiber laser cutting machine is 2-3 times higher than that of carbon dioxide, the cutting section is smooth. 


Because of the different structure of laser transmission, the fiber laser cutting machine with the same power is more compact than the common cutting machine, thus saving the space of the factory. In the daily maintenance of equipment fiber laser cutting machine more environmentally friendly and convenient.

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