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Operation process of CNC press brake bending machine

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Standardize the correct use and maintenance of CNC press brake bending machine equipment by employees, ensure the normal operation of CNC bending machine and personnel safety, effectively reduce the failure rate and improve the efficiency of equipment use. The equipment user is responsible for the daily maintenance of the correct use of the equipment and records the daily maintenance status. Maintenance technicians are responsible for organizing and implementing equipment monthly and above maintenance.


Operation content and steps


Preparation before starting


The operator of the CNC press brake bending machine must be trained and qualified, master the operating skills and various safety features of the equipment, and hold a certificate. And wear labor protection supplies.


Before starting up, the operator should check the upper and lower molds, the front and back of the machine tool, and the hydraulic oil level to confirm that the equipment is in good condition, or after the found abnormalities and hidden dangers have been handled, the operator can start the machine.


Before operation, check and clean up the sundries on the work site and items irrelevant to the product.



Device switch


Main switch (main power switch): at the back of the electrical control cabinet, turn it to the "ON" position, the main power supply of the machine tool has power.


Power indicator light: This light is on when the main power is turned on.


Oil pump start: press the green button to start the main motor and servo motor, the light will be on after the motor is started 4. Single-step/adjustment switch: when the switch is turned to "adjust", each axis of the machine tool is in an adjustment state.


Return button: Press this button in the bending state of the machine tool, and the slider will forcibly return. 6. Emergency stop switch: Press, the main motor and backgauge power supply of the machine tool will be cut off and turn clockwise.



Start-up process: first turn the main power switch to the "1" (ON) position, and the power indicator light is on, release the emergency stop switch to start the oil pump, and then turn the system into manual mode and press the start button on the system operation panel. The Y-axis, X-axis and other axes will return to the reference point, (Y-axis is the reference point detected by the grating ruler, and the X-axis and other axes are detected by the proximity switch to the reference point, and then each axis returns to the system setting position), At this time, the system is in the ready state and the machine tool can be programmed.


Mold selection


The choice of the upper mold The choice of the upper mold depends on the bending force. The load of the mold cannot exceed the limit. If the user chooses a special mold, special attention should be paid to the load of these molds and normal molds. Choose correctly to prevent the bending force from exceeding the load limit of the upper die, causing the upper die to burst and hurt people. When programming a mold, you must consider the shape of the mold and whether it interferes during the molding process of the workpiece.


When the mold is compiled into the mold library of the numerical control system, the outline dimension of the mold must be programmed accurately. When the numerical control system automatically calculates the bending process, it can accurately calculate whether the mold interferes with the workpiece.


The choice of the lower mold  u V-type lower mold V width must be determined according to the thickness t of the material according to the following formula, the general formula is:  t < 3mm V =(6~8)×t t ≥ 3mm V =(8~12) ×t Similarly, the width of the lower die V can be determined scientifically and reasonably according to the change of the minimum bending width b and the fillet radius r of the bending part. U The bending force generated during the bending process will be concentrated on the work surface and also act on the mold, so the load on the mold cannot exceed the limit.

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