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NC (Numerical Control) Press Brake was the early generation of the CNC  (Computer Numerical Control) press brake. NC Press Brake machine is a press brake machine with simple programs and carried out by a torsion bar. The machine function with downward Y-axis and backgauge X-axis press movement. NC Hydraulic Press Brake Machines are an economical and very reliable solution for industry demand. NC Press Brake is designed to give more accuracy and better productivity. The controller has a facility to program the various jobs with complex bending sequences on the screen. This sheet metal NC hydraulic press brake is certainly built using top-grade technology to ensure long-term usage. No matter how brutal the job might be, professionals within the sheet metal industry find this machinery to demonstrate supreme dexterity—and is the simple solution for almost all metalworking jobs.

NC Press Brake Machine

● X, Y-axis intelligent positioning
● Can be manually adjusted
● No time relays

WC67K NC Press Brake Machine has a whole steel welded structure, with internal stress eliminated by vibration aging technology, high strength, and good rigidity. It also has a torsion bar with hydraulics, an integrated hydraulic system and pressure control for adjustment of tonnage.

Control axes: Upper ram(Y-axis), Back gauge (X-axis).

Capabilities: 40T/2200 - 600T/6000

WC67K NC Press Brake Machine with E21
● Using CAN bus technology; servo control X, Y axis
● Built-in PLC; with machine tool motion control function
● Can according to the actual valve group timing free match
● Adjustable return distance 
● Self-diagnosis and real-time alarm
● Reservation security interface

WC67K NC Press Brake Machine has segmented upper punch adopted oblique steel solid deflection compensation device, multi-V die, removement foot-pedal switch, and emergency stop button. It's back gauge and upper ram travel can automatically control, can micro-adjustment by manual and digital displayer.

Control axes: Upper ram(Y-axis), Back gauge (X-axis).
Capabilities: 40T/2200 - 600T/6000
WC67K NC Press Brake Machine with E200

NC Press Brake Controller

We are widely known manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, distributors and providers of NC Hydraulic Press Brake. The ZYMT Hydraulic Press Brake, engineered with great care for details, is a high-quality machine tool. The studies made on the framework flections have allowed us to design a product that reacts in the most appropriate and responsive way to the mechanical solicitations, therefore guaranteeing a stable structure, thus a higher precision in bending. 

As the top 5 press brake manufacturers in China, ZYMT Press Brake is known for its precision and reliability. That can help you keep operational prices as low as potential because of that are manufactured at our plant using best and latest of the technology of NC Press Brake Machine Controller for an Automation of the machine with NC Features. Our Standard and Optional features make NC press brake machine easier, better, durable, and more efficient. 

As one of the leading entities of this domain, we are engrossed in providing supreme quality NC press brake. We can deliver NC bending machine to the client at a considerable rate.

The Main Parts of NC Press Brake

● Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system consists of a motor, oil pump, and valve groups and it is installed at the top of the oil tank. Every complete working cycle can be achieved through the control of the hydraulic valve. Overload protection is outfitted to the hydraulic system, which can assure no leakage, and the oil level can be read or seen directly.

● Electrical system and the safety interlock

Electrical components are imported in accordance with international standards, reliable safety, long life, good anti-interference ability, a radiation unit is fitted in an electrical cabinet. Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure operation safety. Have a movable single-hand foot pedal switch, easy to operate.

● Synchro control system

Slide synchro system: adopt steel torsion bar synchro system, simple in structure. Two ends of the slide have two synchro fork which makes the system uses upper die compensation to improve the brake precision.

● Ram structure

Upper stroke design for bending, low noise, stable operating situation. Universal fixing-surface of the upper tool can be meeting with the clamping requirement of the tool farthest. It can move the ram up slowly, which allows the operator to control the workpiece conveniently.

The Advantages of NC Press Brake

● The heavy-duty back gauge system is driven by imported powerful ball screws and provides long service life and remarkable accuracy. Equip micro-adjustable gauge fingers and height-adjustable gauge bar.
● NC press brake with forceful gearwheel balance shaft to keep the parallelism of cylinders and assure the accuracy of the bending angle.
● Efficiently designed hydraulic circuit block with fewer pipes and connections appears quiet and smooth in operation.
● A special design hydraulic cylinder could be positioning accurately.
● In automatic mode, release the footswitch, it will be raised automatically, provide more safety.
● NC hydraulic press brake is optimal for metal forming with a low operation cost.

The Applications of NC Press Brake

NC press brake machine is widely used in energy, transportation, automobile, machinery, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, military, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, power generation industries.
NC press brake is very useful for sheet metal bending. The produced sheet metal is useful for a wide array of applications in the manufacturing industry. These produced sheet metals are used in home appliances, vehicles, in heavy equipment, these sheet metals are functional on the everyday lives of people. 

The Comparison of NC and CNC Press Brake Machine

● NC bending machine stands for numerical control, whereas the CNC press brake bending machine stands for computer numerical control.
● In the NC hydraulic press brake machine, if an error occurs in the program, then it's debugging and modification is not easy. In the CNC press brake machine, the debugging and modification is very easy.
● A high skilled operator is required to operate the NC press brake machine whereas to operate a CNC press brake machine, a semiskilled operator may work.
● The cost of the NC press brake is less as compared with the computer control machines.
● The maintenance cost of NC hydraulic press brake is less, whereas it is costly in the case of a CNC press brake bending machine.
● NC press brake only can do simple program and storage capacity is limited. CNC press brake for sale can do complex programming including angle programming, a number of programs can be stored and can be used again and again for the production.
● The accuracy of the NC press brake machine is less as compared with the CNC press brake machine.
● In the NC bending machine, the execution of the job takes more time but the CNC press brake bending machine executes the job without taking much time.
● NC hydraulic press brake cannot be run continuously for 24 hours but the CNC hydraulic press brake can be run for 24 hours continuously.

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