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Product Description


Main Features:

Hydraulic transmission, is the lastest product of the multi-function joint punching and shearing machine, shearing, punching, die cut flat steel, square steel, round steel, angle steel, channel steel, I-beam carried, and equipped with shear block feeding devices.



· A set of punch and die(round hole)

· A set of angle steel blade

· A set of square and round bar blade

· A set of shearing plate blade

· A set of notching blade

· 2 independent hydraulic piston rods and foot-pedal allows two people operating at the same time

· More efficient stroke-control functions of piston rod

· Central lubricating system

· Motor-driven rear stopper

· Lighting devices for work

· 5 independent work-positions



· Various toolings for different purposes

· Square, oval, louver punch and die

· Channel shear and I-beam shear

· Conveyor table

· Longer worktable

· Worktable with linear guide

· Φ20, 32, 60mm U type circle


Punching station 

Punching Station

Effective punching can be achieved with the machine, and stamping die is easy to replaced.

Bar cutting station Angle station

Bar Cutting Station

You can quickly cut the round bar and square steel, if you want to cut U-shaped, I-beam or T-profile section steel only by exchanging the cutting blade and the operation procedure is very simple.

Angle Station

You can cut several 90° and 45° angles with the help of special dies.

Notching station

Notching Station

The ZYMT notching station is fitted as standard with a rectangular notch table with adjustable back stops, allowing repetitive positioning. 

Optional Toolings

Optional Toolings

Technical Paremeters


Technical Paremeters

(I-beam, channel steel needs to be ordered separately)

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