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Introduction of modular design concept and cutting speed of hydraulic shears

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 In hydraulic shearing machine , if there is a hydraulic system, the amount of oil in the system should be stable, not too much or too little. Servo control can be used to control the positioning of the back gauge to improve the efficiency of the shearing machine. Shears can improve certain systems that affect speed, and they are all effective.



The mechanical parts of the shears should be checked frequently to ensure that they can be used normally. Once problems are found, they should be dealt with immediately without delay. In addition, on the shearing machine blade, it must be ensured that it is sharp and not worn. If there is wear, replace it with a new one in time.


The hydraulic shearing machine adopts a new generation of modular design, with wider functional coverage and stronger reliability, which can meet the needs of different users. In its hydraulic system, each hydraulic component has a relatively moving surface, such as the hydraulic cylinder. Because the surface and the outer surface of the piston have relative movement, there is a certain gap between them. If one side of the gap is high-pressure oil and the other side is low-pressure oil, the high-pressure oil will flow through the gap to the low-pressure area and cause leakage.


Check the main circuit and control circuit of the soft starter carefully to see if there is any wiring error. After the main circuit is powered on, the control system will give a soft start signal and the main motor will start. In order to obtain ideal starting parameters, repeat the test. The starting ramp time of the soft starter of the vertical hydraulic shears is set to 6 seconds, and the starting current limit is set to 2.8 times.


The pressure loss of hydraulic shears has two types: along the way pressure loss and local pressure loss. The total pressure loss in the pipeline is equal to the sum of along the way pressure loss and the local pressure loss. Due to the different parts structure, size deviation and surface roughness s difference. It is related to determining the oil supply pressure required by the system and the temperature rise during system operation. In production practice, it is also hoped that the pressure loss should be as small as possible.

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