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How to select CNC press brake machine?

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How to select a cnc press brake bending machine?  

First of all, it's depending on what parts you need to produce, the main point is to buy a cnc press brake that can complete the processing task with a short worktable and a small tonnage. Achieve maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Carefully consider the material grade and the maximum processing thickness and length.


If you are engaged in a large number of bottomed die forming, perhaps you can consider a 150-ton machine tool. Assuming that the thickest material is 1/4 inch, 10 feet free bending requires 165 tons, and bottomed die bending (correction bending) requires at least 600 tons. If most of the workpieces are 5 feet or shorter, the tonnage is almost halved, which can greatly reduce the purchase cost.


Secondly, you have to consider the possible deflection of this cnc press brake bending machine. Under the same load, the deflection of the workbench and sliding block of the 10-foot machine is 4 times that of the 5-foot machine. This means that a shorter machine requires less shim adjustments to produce qualified parts, reducing shim adjustments and shortening preparation time.


Material grade is also a key factor. Compared with low-carbon steel, the load required for stainless steel is usually increased by about 50%, while most grades of soft aluminum are reduced by about 50%. You can get the machine's tonnage table from the cnc press brake bending machine manufacturer at any time. The table shows the estimated tonnage required per foot length under different thicknesses and different materials.

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