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How to maintain CNC press brake bending machine ?

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In order to keep the various parts of the CNC press brake in good condition, it is very important to insist on regular maintenance except for the timely repair of the failure. Careful maintenance can keep the equipment in good condition at all times and delay the deterioration process.

After the CNC press brake bending machine has been used for a period of time, wear occurs between the two contacting parts, and its working performance is gradually affected. At this time, some parts of the CNC lathe should be properly adjusted and maintained to restore the lathe to its normal technical state. 

The daily maintenance and primary maintenance of the CNC press brake bending machine are completed by the operator, and the secondary maintenance is completed by the operator and maintenance personnel. The maintenance cycle and the time of each maintenance should also be based on the structure, roughness and precision of the CNC lathe. Different processing conditions are reasonably determined and often adjusted according to actual conditions.

Precautions for equipment maintenance

When the equipment is overhauled, the power supply should be completely turned off and the main switch should be lowered to prevent accidental operation of the equipment and electric shock.

 When the equipment is maintained, the equipment label should be placed in the "maintenance" state to warn that the equipment is undergoing maintenance and operations are prohibited.

 When the equipment is undergoing live inspection or maintenance, a two-person system should be used, with one person responsible for supervision, so that accidents can be dealt with in time.

 During maintenance, no part of the body is allowed to enter between the upper and lower molds of the machine tool.

Daily maintenance of CNC press brake

1. Remove the iron filings and debris from the guide rails in the CNC press brake bending machine every day, and check whether there are scratches on the surface. Do a good job in the clean lubrication of each guide rail surface. Machine tools with automatic lubrication systems should regularly check and clean the automatic lubrication system, check the amount of oil, add lubricating oil in time, and check whether the oil pump starts and stops regularly.

2. Check whether the automatic lubrication system of the spindle box is working properly every day, and replace the lubricating oil of the spindle box regularly.

3. Pay attention to check whether the cooling fan in the electrical cabinet is working normally, whether the air duct filter is blocked, and clean the attached dust.

4. Pay attention to check the cooling system, check the liquid level, add oil or water in time, replace and clean the oil or water when it is dirty.

5. Pay attention to check the spindle drive belt and adjust the tightness.

6. Pay attention to check the tightness of the guide rail and adjust the gap.

7. Pay attention to check whether there is abnormal noise from the oil pump of the hydraulic system of the machine tool, whether the working oil level is appropriate, whether the pressure gauge indicates normal, and whether there is leakage in the pipeline and various joints.

8. Pay attention to check whether the guide rail and machine tool guard are complete and effective.

9. Pay attention to check the mechanical accuracy of each moving part to reduce the deviation of shape and position.

10. Do a good job of cleaning the machine tool every day after get off work, clean the iron filings, and wipe the coolant on the static guide rail to prevent the guide rail from rusting.

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Check items before starting up

Check whether the oil volume of each oil tank of the lubrication mechanism is normal, and turn on the machine to check whether the lubrication system can operate normally.

Check whether the oil volume of each oil tank of the hydraulic mechanism is normal, turn on the machine and check whether the hydraulic system can operate normally.

Check whether the amount of cutting fluid in the cooling box is normal, turn on the machine and check whether the cutting fluid system can operate normally.

Turn on and check whether the numerical control system is normal, whether the fan chip conveyor is running normally, and check whether the pressure gauge values are normal.

It must be idling for a certain period of time after it is turned on to check whether its operation is normal; after finishing one day of processing tasks, turn off the CNC system of the CNC press brake, turn off the power of the lathe, and clean up the work site.

Primary maintenance of CNC press brake

1. Wipe the surface of the CNC press brake bending machine, including the cover, cover, and accessories, to ensure that there is no oil, rust, corrosion, iron filings and debris, and clean inside and outside.

2. Clean the iron filings on the rotary tool post and tailstock, and check whether they are running normally.

3. Check whether the screws on the lathe are loose, whether the fuel tanks, pipelines, and the standard connections are stable, and repair them in time.

4. Check the wear and tension of the main shaft transmission belt, X-axis transmission belt, and Z-axis transmission belt.

5. Check whether the hydraulic system and its components (hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor) are operating normally, and whether there is abnormal noise during operation.

6. Check whether the cooling system and the components under the system (cooling pump, cooling motor) are operating normally, and whether there is abnormal noise during operation.

7. Check whether the chip removal system and the components under the system (chip conveyor, chip removal motor) are operating normally, and whether there is abnormal noise during operation.

8. Check whether the lubrication system is operating normally, ensure that the oil passages are unblocked, check and replace the filter as necessary; check whether the oil outlet points are normal to lubricate the machine tool (guide rail, tailstock).

9. Check all oil tanks and cooling water tanks, and replenish them as needed. Fill each oil filling point of the machine tool with lubricating grease as needed to ensure that the oil tank, oil gauges and oil windows are bright. In summer, add rust inhibitor to the cutting fluid as required.

10. Check whether the CNC system is normal after it is started, and whether the movement of each axis of the CNC press brake and the rotary tool post is normal.

11. Wipe the electrical box to ensure internal and external cleanliness, check whether the circuits are leaking, whether the contacts are in good contact, and check whether the limit device and grounding are safe and reliable.

Before work

The CNC lathe operator should carry out the corresponding maintenance and maintenance of the CNC lathe daily.

First, check the transfer notepad.

Second, refuel in strict accordance with the equipment "lubrication chart" to achieve timing, quantitative, and quality.

Third, the equipment that has been shut down for more than 8 hours, when the equipment is not started, should be low for 3-5 minutes to confirm whether the lubrication system is unblocked and all parts are operating normally before starting to work.


Always check the operation of each part of the equipment and the working condition of the lubrication system. If there is an abnormal situation, immediately notify the inspection staff to deal with it.

It is strictly forbidden to place tools, workpieces, metal objects and pedals on the surface of each guide rail and the protective cover.

After work

Erase the iron filings and coolant on the surface of the guide rail, and there is no black oil on the lead screw and smooth rod.

Clean the iron filings and debris around the equipment.

Fill in the record of equipment handover seriously.

The CNC lathe integrates electricity, machine, and liquid, and has the characteristics of technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive. It is a kind of advanced processing equipment with high automation, complex structure and expensive. In order to give full play to its benefits and reduce the occurrence of failures, maintenance must be done well. Therefore, maintenance personnel of CNC lathes are required not only to have knowledge of machinery, processing technology and hydraulics and pneumatics, but also to have electronic computers, automatic control, driving and measurement. Technology and other knowledge, so that we can fully understand and control the CNC lathe, and do a good job of maintenance in time.

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