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How to judge whether the operation of fiber laser cutting machine is simple?

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How to judge whether the operation of fiber laser cutting machine is simple? We can judge from the following aspects.

Smooth cutting, no streaks, no brittle fracture

When the fiber laser cutting machine cuts the steel template at high speed, a pattern is formed on the cutting edge.

The slit has good verticality and small heat affected zone

For example, the 2000w fiber laser cutting machine mainly focuses on the processing of materials below 5mm, and the verticality of its cross-section may not be the most important evaluation factor, but for high-power laser cutting, when the thickness of the processed material is greater than 10 mm, the verticality of the cutting head is very important. When leaving the focus, the laser beam diverges and the cut becomes wider to the top or bottom, depending on the position of the focus. The cutting head is a few millimeters away from the vertical line. The more vertical the cutting head, the higher the cutting quality.


No material burning, no melting layer formation, no slag

The slag on the fiber laser cutting machine is mainly reflected in the deposition and section burrs. The deposition of the material is due to the fact that the laser cutting encounters a special oily liquid on the surface of the workpiece before melting and perforating. Vaporization and various materials do not require customers to blow out the incision, but upward or downward will also form deposits on the surface. The formation of burrs determines the quality of laser cutting, because removing burrs requires extra work, so the severity and quantity of burrs can intuitively judge the cutting quality.

Coarse plating of the cutting surface, surface roughness is the key to measuring the quality of laser cutting surface

In fact, for fiber laser cutting machines, the shape of the cutting section is directly related to the roughness, and the poor cutting performance of the section will directly lead to high roughness. However, considering the different reasons for these two different effects, generally the fiber laser The processing quality of the cutting machine is analyzed. The laser cut section will form a vertical pattern. The depth of the grain determines the roughness of the cut surface. The shallower the grain, the smoother the cut section. Roughness affects not only the appearance of the edges, but also the friction characteristics. In most cases, the roughness must be reduced as much as possible, so the shallower the grain, the higher the cut quality.

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