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How to judge the quality of hydraulic shearing machine?

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In the hydraulic shearing machine, if the nominal pressure label is 12500KN, then, what does it say?

In addition, how to judge the quality of the hydraulic pendulum shear?


If the standard of the nominal pressure of the hydraulic shear is 12500KN, it means that the pressure of the shear is 125 tons. The hydraulic swing type shearing machine, which is a kind of shearing machine, judges whether it is good or bad, mainly depends on whether the equipment is operating normally, and when purchasing, it depends on its manufacturer and price, so as to make judgment.


1. If a nitrogen cylinder is used in the hydraulic shearing machine, what is the pressure value?


In the use of the shearing machine, if a nitrogen bottle is used, in operation, it is to find the connection on the nitrogen cylinder, and then connect it with a high-pressure pipe, then, open the valve on the bottle until the pressure is 6 to 7 MPa. At this time, close the valve and stop using the nitrogen bottle. Therefore, the pressure is 6 to 7 MPa.


2. Is there a difference between shearing carbon steel and stainless steel with a shear?


The shearing machine has a difference between carbon steel and stainless steel. Although these two are metal materials, they are larger in strength than stainless steel. Therefore, it is reflected in the shearing machine, and the same equipment is carbon steel specifications, which can be larger.


3. Can the gap between the upper and lower blades of the hydraulic pendulum shears be adjusted by the mechanism?


In hydraulic pendulum shears, the gap between the upper and lower blades can be adjusted through the mechanism. Specifically, the gap size is adjusted for the adjustment of the operating mechanism. However, you should also look at the process requirements and material types, because if these two are different, then there are different gap ratios.

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