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How to improve efficiency and productivity on CNC press brake?

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The implementation of standard operating procedures is convenient to ensure consistency and reduce multiple set-up parts and the resulting material waste. These SOPs not only help to shorten the preparation time as much as possible, but also improve the consistency of the bending sequence operation, and can also reduce part deviation caused by individual operators.


Preparation work order: For frequent processing tasks, one of the methods available to the operator of the CNC press brake is to use the "preparation work order". The preparation worksheet specifies in the form of a file the tools and molds used for each purpose and the hints for specific processing tasks, which need to be used every time the processing task appears again.


Loading in the open state: Another important method is to load the tool and die when the machine tool is fully open, which provides the operator with a more accessible working space and forms a safer working environment.


The factory should also consider adopting appropriate procedures and tool systems, such as loading and unloading devices, so that workers can complete regular processing tasks more quickly and efficiently.


Auxiliary tool features: Many step-by-step molding die systems include punch holders, button-operated safety clips, quick-change 2V die and electric pressing mechanism, so the operator alone can change the die very quickly. These systems also help operators to complete tasks more independently and efficiently without compromising safety.


Segmented mold: Manufacture finely ground segmented mold components according to the required bending length, without having to spend time cutting the mold into a certain length. The fine grinding of the mold also reduces or eliminates the need for gasket adjustment. The segmented mold is light in weight and easy to handle, so it can reduce physical labor and fatigue and reduce the possibility of accidents. In order to extend the service life, the precision grinding mold is also quenched and surface strengthened.


Mold identification: There are almost all laser etching related information on molds, which is convenient for workers to quickly identify, plan and reorder molds. This information generally includes category number, tool nose angle, radius, V-shaped die groove, length and rated tonnage.


Mold storage: Using cabinets to store molds in groups can gain the dual benefits of increased safety and improved material/tool management. Using an orderly storage system, there is no need to search for tool racks for a customized length of mold. In addition, orderly storage enables managers to monitor the status of the mold more vigilantly, thereby ensuring high-quality inventory, timely identifying mold wear and damage, and determining the method and time of mold replacement.


The new bending machine provides advanced functionality and many features that can help workers run the machine more efficiently. Operators who master the new machine tool control features can use these features to improve efficiency.


Workpiece mold specification memory: Most of the new CNC bending machines have a common feature: the ability to store the work piece specifications and all related processing information, such as mold model, position and bending sequence. Moreover, the CNC function enables operators to store and access the tool library, which provides convenience for managing tool inventory.


Material thickness detection: When using precision grinding molds, the CNC press Brake bending machine can detect changes in material thickness and perform real-time bending calculations, thereby reducing the number of parts with excessive or insufficient bending angles.


3-D graphic display and bending simulation: As the workpiece is bent and formed, these functions can display the bending process of the part on the controller screen to avoid material scrap due to incorrect forming of the part.


Offline programming: Offline programming of CNC press  brake bending machine can save preparation time, because workers do not have to compile part processing programs; part programs can be programmed by technicians and downloaded to the bending machine.


Universal mounting height: The universal mounting height mold series can simplify complicated graded mold adjustments by using the "plug and play" function. The universal mold height mold was developed successfully with the appearance of the back gauge after CNC vertical movement. In order to accurately use the principle of "universal mold mounting height", vertical CNC control is necessary, because the universal mold mounting height is achieved by keeping the bottom of the lower mold opening at the same height (from the lower mold base). When the lower die opening is enlarged, the total height of the lower die must be increased accordingly. This is why it is no longer necessary to use special pads or special gaskets to drive the mold to close synchronously.


Small and complex parts often require offset bending, 90° bending and leveling, and their preparations generally need to be performed on multiple machine tools or equipment. The grading or universal mold height mold enables this operation to be completed by a CNC press  brake bending machine with one feeding. Using the universal mold height mold, the operator can install the 30° mold, the offset mold, the leveling mold and the gooseneck mold on the same mold base and complete all the processing of the parts.


Metal processing plants that use bending machines are currently facing some complicated problems. The high cost of raw materials makes every blank must be turned into a good product. A sheet metal processing plant that responds quickly and is willing to change the operating mode of the bending and forming section to meet current needs can reduce preparation time, thereby gaining greater production capacity and reducing scrap rate. Better use of storage and inventory systems, comprehensive utilization of machine tool functionality, and full exploration of human resources are effective methods to help the bending and forming workshop improve efficiency and productivity.

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