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How to grasp the bending size of CNC press brake bending machine?

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There for you briefly the control method in the size of CNC press brake bending machine, let's take a look at it:


1, To avoid the cumulative error, each processing fold to measure the development of the size;


2,Avoid the CNC press brake bending machine has been bent edge to position, to avoid a large angle to position;


3,The product must be positioned with the bending edge of the CNC press brake machine, the former bending angle should be slightly less than 90 degrees;


4, Determine the accuracy of measuring tools before processing;


5, Before the formal processing to do a good first inspection, be carefully to inspection of the processing process;


6, CNC press brake machine according to the precision requirements of the processed products, select the appropriate machine;


7, To avoid the choice of different center of the tool, before processing on the mold knife point in the same line;


8,Choose the good processing method and the good craft arranges the method, simplify the processing difficulty;


9,Have abnormity need to be detected immediately.


Step of setting knife for CNC press brake machine:


1,Loosen the locking bolt before installation, push the knife holder forward to check whether all the top knife bolts are loose in place.


2, knife loading, first installed on the knife, then installed under the knife, after installation on the knife surface evenly coated with a layer of oil.


3,Need to adjust the tool clearance: step on the pedal, Mesh the upper and lower tools, then pull the upper and lower fixed tool holder back, make the upper and lower, knife face close together, and then tighten the left and right locking bolts in turn, then gently lift the foot pedal, can feel the degree of tightness of the knife through the knife lifting process, feel the tightness fit can be a second knife, too tight need to re-knife.


In the second knife through the knife-edge meshing situation to see the tool clearance, clearance is not uniform on the adjustment of the top knife bolt, clearance is too large on the back of the knife pad paper.

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