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How to adjust the CNC press brake bending machine after bending error ?

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When using the CNC press brake bending machine for work, it is very likely that there will be some use errors. At this time, we must pay attention to it. Once the bending machine has a problem, it must be checked. The first step is to check whether the mold used by the bending machine is worn or damaged. If this phenomenon causes errors, you can replace a mold.


In the process of inspecting the CNC press brake bending machine, if there is no damage, check the parallelism of the slider and the worktable. If it cannot meet the requirements of use, you can adjust it according to the relevant standard requirements to make this The parallelism can be kept within the allowable range.


If there is still a certain error in the angle of the bending mechanism, it may not be due to the mold or parallelism. It may be caused by the hydraulic system in the machine tool, the balance mechanism does not ensure that the pressure oil evenly enters the left and right cylinders. , Then it needs to be adjusted.


At this time, adjust the working mode of the bending machine to the state of "inching adjustment", and then remove the mold in the machine tool, or some other accessories, so that the slider can stay on the mechanical stop, and then the pressure Adjust the meter to the required pressure value.


The specific method is to compress the head of the dial indicator in the bending machine by 3-4 mm, step on the pedal to increase the pressure of the system, and check the hour hand of the dial indicator when the pressure is increased or the system is discharged. In the case of offset, the operation can be stopped if the specified value is reached. Of course, in addition to the above methods, what should be emphasized is that the bending machine must be maintained so that it can give full play to its advantages.

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