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How does the laser cutting machine handle the powder produced during the cutting process?

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The cutting machine generates a certain amount of dust during operation. If it is not handled properly, it will cause great pollution to the environment and ultimately affect human health. So how to deal with the dust in the cutting machine production?

As more and more people call for green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, as a professional manufacturer of cutting machines, we must also take product energy conservation as the main consideration and actively promote the greening of the industry.

For some large-scale cutting and processing enterprises in mass production, priority is given to adding dust removal design to the traditional laser cutting machine to improve the processing environment and health. In fact, if the national environmental protection requirements of the industry are taken into consideration, under the current circumstances, machines that provide dust removal design functions are very attractive to the market.

In recent years, the domestic manufacturing industry has shown a trend of rapid growth, and the amount of steel cutting processing has risen sharply. People are eager to maximize the efficiency of cutting processing. Therefore, laser cutting machines with the advantages of cutting speed, cutting quality and shortening the replacement time of upper and lower plates have gradually become a trend.

Laser cutting machines usually use dry processing or wet processing to remove dust from the dust generated during the processing.

Dry processing method (dry cutting)

It is to add a set of soot catching device to the cutting work platform to directly transport the collected soot to the soot filtration and purification equipment, and then discharge it after the treatment reaches the standard. The smoke generated by plasma cutting is basically formed under the cut of the workpiece, so the suction negative pressure cutting platform has become the most common smoke catching device at present. In order to save equipment investment and improve exhaust efficiency, that is, to achieve a larger amount of smoke and dust collection, and a smaller suction volume-only the area during the cutting process is vacuumed, so the cutting platform will be along the main guide rail of the cutting machine. It is divided into (evenly) enclosed small areas with air outlets on the side. The working mode of the suction port is divided into the side suction moving suction port and the side wall valve suction port of the vacuum chamber. Among them, the former is widely used because of its simple structure, reliable operation and good dust removal effect.

The so-called wet processing method (wet cutting)

It is to make a water bed cutting platform, place the workpiece on the water or the water surface, and then complete the cutting operation under or near the water surface, and use water to capture the smoke generated during the cutting process to achieve the purpose of purifying the environment.

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