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How do you clean a fiber laser metal cutting machine?

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How to quickly and efficiently remove dust from the fiber laser metal cutting machine?

For equipment that requires very high cutting accuracy like metal laser cutting machines, every small factor may lead to undesirable results. In the long-term daily use, we not only need to maintain the metal laser cutting machine but also do a good job of dust removal. So how can we remove dust quickly and efficiently? You must master these dust removal methods!

Which parts of the metal laser cutting machine need to be cleaned?

Condenser cleaning

For the metal laser cutting machine system, the best state of cooling capacity is to use a condenser for cooling, which can instantly cool down the temperature of the processed material and equipment. The method of cleaning the dust on it is to remove the filters on both sides, clean it with detergent, then dry it again and rinse it.

Filter cleaning

Listening to the name of the filter, you know that it is used to filter the waste generated by the metal laser cutting machine equipment. To clean it, you need to remove it, and then clean and replace the filter element.

Cleaning of the dust screen

Dust filter, in terms of metal laser cutting machine equipment processing, there will be a device to prevent dust, that is, dust filter. For its cleaning plan, an air spray gun is used to perform a preliminary cleaning of the dust on the dust screen, and then a neutral detergent is used to clean it. Remember that it must be neutral, otherwise, it will easily chemically react and cause corrosion.

The above are the three methods for high-efficiency dust removal of metal laser cutting machines. Only by doing a good job of dust removal can the metal laser cutting machine run smoothly, so we should pay attention to it!

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