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How CNC press brake works?

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Working range of CNC press break bending machine

Used for the bending and forming of various metal sheet materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum,  and used as a press to complete easy mold forming, riveting, leveling, and breaking Poor forming, etc.  

The workpiece is cut on LASER, NCT, and processed in the clamp to make other non-bending forming primitives,  Then use the folding bed knife mold or the folding bed easy mold to bend the shape,  In addition,  extruding The processing of graphic elements such as wrapping, pressing pad angles and pressing lines is usually carried out on the folding machine.  Using the folding machine knife mold and the folding machine easy mold, the folding machine can complete the bending of many types of products,  but its processing speed is slower than the punching machine,  applicable Bending forming during sample production, part of non-bending forming and some bending forming during mass production.


1. Working principle of CNC press break bending machine

Fix the upper and lower molds on the upper and lower worktables of the folding bed respectively, and use hydraulic transmission to drive the relative position of the worktable. Combine the shapes of the upper and lower molds to realize the bending and forming of the plate .  


2. The structure of the folding bed The folding bed is composed of four parts:

a. Mechanical part

b. Electrical part

c. Hydraulic part  

d. NC electrical control part


3.  The folding bed's hinged joint N:  

(1) Up-moving type: the lower worktable does not move, and the upper slider is lowered to achieve pressure;  

(2) Bottom moving type: The upper machine table is fixed and the lower table rises to achieve pressure.  

4.  Basic principles of bending processing sequence:  

Bending from the inside to the outside.  

Bending from small to large.  

First bend the special shape, then the general shape.

After the previous process is formed, it does not affect or interfere with the subsequent process.

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