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Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine Bright Surface Cutting

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High-power high-speed bright surface cutting technology, in the case of sufficient power, use small nozzles, low air pressure, and high-power lasers to cut carbon steel plates of different thicknesses at high speed. Obtain smooth cutting section and smaller processing taper. The smooth cut surface facilitates subsequent processing by customers; at the same time, the taper can be basically controlled below 0.2mm on both sides, which can better meet customer requirements in certain high-precision processing industries.


In the process technology of the laser cutting machine, the section of carbon steel can be cut very smoothly to achieve a "mirror surface" effect, commonly known as "bright surface cutting". Bright surface cutting is mainly used for medium-thickness carbon steel, and bright surface cutting cannot be achieved if the steel plate is too thin or too thick.


Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

High-speed bright cutting skills


Control cutting speed

Too fast cutting speed will result in incomplete burning of the material and the workpiece cannot be cut through, while too slow speed will result in excessive burning and melting and deformation of the workpiece. Under the premise of ensuring the workpiece, the cutting speed should be increased as much as possible.


Adjust nozzle height

The height of the nozzle will affect the beam quality, oxygen purity and gas flow direction. When the nozzle is lower, the beam quality is better, and the oxygen purity is higher, and the gas flow direction is smaller. Therefore, the height of bright surface cutting should be adjusted as low as possible.


Adjust cutting air pressure

During the oxygen cutting of carbon steel, the combustion of the material will release a lot of heat, so the oxygen pressure should not be too high. Generally speaking, the lower the air pressure in the cutting range, the brighter the cut section. However, in order to ensure the cutting stability, a certain percentage of the cutting air pressure is usually increased.


Adjust the cutting power

For plates of different thicknesses, the greater the thickness, the higher the power required.


Adjust the size of the cutting focus

The beam ejected from the nozzle of the fiber laser has a certain diameter. When cutting the bright surface, the nozzle is usually smaller. If the focus is too large, it will cause the nozzle to become hot and affect the cutting quality and stability. In severe cases, it can even directly damage the nozzle. Therefore, it is necessary to find the maximum focus value that the nozzle size can bear, and then adjust it.

Sixth, choose the nozzle size. The smaller the half of the nozzle, the brighter the cut section and the better the effect.


Advantages of high power laser cutting machine

Compared with lower-power lasers, the improvement of cutting capacity has qualitatively improved, which greatly improves the processing range of laser cutting machines.


When choosing the power of laser cutting equipment, the cutting speed of different materials is the key factor to be investigated. Fiber laser cutting has obvious advantages in the processing of medium and low thickness plates, and the increase in laser power can increase the cutting speed twice.

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