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Bending compensation and intelligent bending of CNC bending machine in actual operation

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Mold bending is usually completed on a CNC bending machine. Workers or robots are required to assist in the bending process. The bending accuracy depends on the skill of the technician or the quality of the robot. This bending method It is widely used in the production of small parts with a single product category and simple process.


Due to the uneven material of the plate, it is difficult to accurately bend according to the calculated theoretical value during bending, and the bending angle needs to be compensated. The angle sensor provides support for the bending angle compensation operation. The use of the angle sensor can reduce the influence of the processing material on the bending angle, thereby improving the stability of the accuracy of the bending workpiece. This device is now a standard accessory of the CNC press brake bending machine widely used.


The intelligent application of bending is sensing technology, which obtains the information required for the bending of the workpiece through sensing actions before, during and after bending, and performs automatic compensation and automatic confirmation feedback. For example, the deflection compensation device was born for the CNC bending machine, and the same is true for the bending angle compensation, but in fact, the equipment without the deflection compensation function is the most ideal equipment.

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The non-uniformity of the material determines the non-uniformity of the bent product, and it is the most ideal to collect the non-uniform information before bending. Due to the internal tension of the material, it is most ideal to control the warping deformation of the plate during the bending process. The craftsmen's union carries out compensation operations based on their accumulated experience and sense of body, and the only thing that can replace these craftsmanship is intelligent bending.


Bending automation can solve the problem of insufficient personnel, and it is complementary to bending intelligence. CNC press brake are widely used in industries such as kitchen equipment, office furniture, construction steel structures, automobiles, and electronic appliances.


There are many ways to realize bending automation. At present, bending automation can check and confirm the situation before and during the bending process, but there is almost no automatic inspection of the finished product after bending. Therefore, the bending is automatic and semi-automatic. It still takes some time to use.

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