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2020 ZYMT New Processing Equipment

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In early 2020, affected by COVID-19, domestic production stagnated for some time. Now, COVID-19 has been basically controlled in China, most factories have returned to normal production, and orders are coming in. During the Epidemic period, the ZYMT company piled up some orders. Due to the increased orders of fiber laser metal cutting machine and hydraulic press brake machine, in order to shorten the delivery time, ZYMT company added two more processing equipment, Gantry Machining Center and Vertical Machining Center. ZYMT never stops to update the processing equipment, to consolidate our foundation, even at this hardest time.

Gantry Working Center

CNC press brake machine processing site

The machine adopts a fixed worktable, portal frame traveling (X-axis), spindle box traveling (Z-axis), saddle traveling on the beam (Y-axis), square ram design and twice speed-reducing with retarders offer low-speed constant torque and high-speed constant power cutting. High speed, accuracy, agility, heavy load. Fixed worktable for heavy workpiece process. Beams move upwards and downwards for workpiece with extreme height. The integrated design of the beam and column has the characteristics of high rigidity and precision stability. Standard with German ZF reducer can achieve high-speed high precision and strong cutting perfect combination. The machine widely used in mold, aerospace, rail transit, automobile, medical and other high-end manufacturing industries.

Vertical Machining Center

The vertical machining center has a fixed column and a traveling worktable structure. It is suitable for cubic, flat, disc, shell and valve type workpiece. The machine is designed for milling, drilling, boring, reaming and countersinking and equipped with CNC rotary table which can process 4 axes / 5 axes workpiece of more complicated structure.

fiber laser cutting machine working center

About the Supplier

The supplier of these two machining centers is Neway CNC Equipment. Neway CNC Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is situated in Suzhou High Tech development District. Invested $150 million, the company covers an area of 200000 square meters. The factory comprises of constant temperature assembly shop, precise inspection shop, precise processing shop, heat treatment shop, mother machines are painting shop and from the logistics shop. Neway import Spain Zayer, Italy Favretto, Switzerland SIP, Germany Starraghekter, Swingburger.

Neway’s various factories of different industries are managed by advanced ERP and CRM management systems under the concept of a group management structure. NEWAY is combined by NEW and WAY, which represents Neway’s core culture- pioneering and innovative spirit. Neway explored its own uniquely successful development road through more than 10-years of continuous hard work and effort. Today, Neway is the largest and world’s most well-known Chinese industrial valve manufacturer.

About ZYMT

Besides this two new processing equipment, ZYMT also imported world first-class processing equipment like Germany boring and milling centers, Japanese vertical machining center to ensure the products with accurate parts and best performance. Sophisticated equipment and professional manufacturing, provides a strong guarantee for the growth of heavy industry scale new products and quality assurance. Moreover, in precision parts processing workshop, there are professional product installation and debugging. ZYMT appreciates advanced science and technology as well as quality control.

ZYMT company implements strict supplier management to ensure product quality. ZYMT has established a global procurement system and implemented global procurement, especially the key imported parts such as hydraulic system, pump, motor, controller, ball screw, linear guide rail, electrical appliances, seals and so on are imported directly from the place of origin to shorten the delivery time and reduce the production cost. ZYMT implements product life cycle quality tracking management and tracks all parts supplied by suppliers throughout the whole process to find quality problems, find causes and track accidents. From the very beginning, the strict control flow will follow to ensure all the products be perfect.

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